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Bulk subscriptions require a minimum of 5 total copies. Select a different subscription option.

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Your final price per copy is based on the collective quantity ordered for all titles.

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500+ Copies $0.90 ea. $1.74 ea.
100 - 499 Copies $1.13 ea. $2.09 ea.
50 - 99 Copies $1.35 ea. $2.43 ea.
30 - 49 Copies $1.58 ea. $2.78 ea.
20 - 29 Copies $1.80 ea. $3.13 ea.
10 - 19 Copies $2.03 ea. $3.48 ea.
5 - 9 Copies $2.25 ea. $3.82 ea.
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  • I am starting a standing order for each issue in the quantity I have entered.
  • I will receive regular shipments that will include an invoice for the amount of that shipment, and I will receive an itemized statement each month that recaps the account activity.
  • I am authorized to make purchases on behalf of my church.
  • I may change or cancel my order at any time prior to preparation for shipping.
  • I understand there is a $3.50 handling fee per order, with a 5-copy total minimum order.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your subscription to begin.